Detour in a Long Journey

Twenty five years of engineering academic life has precipitated many ideas and methods in my mind. It also necessitated to elevate the theories in engineering to physical products and services for enhancing the values of others. The three years spent on PhD programme has also sparked the instinct to solve industry grade engineering problems. The timely decision by the central government to allow faculty members to initiate start up companies resulted in the culmination of all our industry research endeavors into a start up company Rand Walk Research and Solutions Pvt. Ltd. in the reclusive year 2020. It is envisaged as a B2B organization that serves the research needs of other companies.

While it is neither productive nor cost effective for middle level organizations to maintain a full fledged R and D division, they still need to solve some research issues. We carve our niche here, helping other organizations in their R and D work, capitalizing on our research potential.

The motto “Solving Complex Problems through
Innovative Research” is upheld in our endeavours to address and solve issues in

  • Intelligent bus traffic modeling and routing
  • Route recommender systems
  • Computer vision and image recognition
  • Intelligent wireless system design
  • Computational finance and business modeling
  • Biometric data analysis
  • Biometric data analysis
  • AI in home furnishing

The details of our research, methodologies, mathematics and computational tools will be published through this blog for students, researchers and industrialists. Please support us in our efforts in entrepreneurship, academic research and industry interaction.

Dr. Hari V S

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